TURKEY STATE WELFARE - Post Office Polishing has been updated with important export tools on e-commerce channels and important export tools from June 29 Department of Transportation.  "PTT is one of the most important organizations for digital transitions." Fair Kararewoloğlu has 180 universities or agents with respect to open road electronic services described.  PTT Online Station Portal supports Turkish trading and export trade manufacturers, and the Minister said.  Karaismususillu "national producers are various kinds of world market PTT, guarantee 10 countries in the world market,  The Ministry of Transportation has several projects that have developed an online export tool to support e-commerce, to support e-commerce, in accordance with the formation of talented personnel, which creates e-commerce, logistics infrastructure, new global business organizations and investment in manufacturing and technology.  As part of this project, Turkey plans to form an e-commerce store to establish operational efficiency in several countries. Uygunluğunuzušimdi-Test Edin-100% Bedava Usafis increases grammar with the actual extension of the browser. Grams Select Von Tabola "We decided or invested in warehouses, Germany and Russian camps and compliance centers, and said Karismailoğlu." Our goal is one of the most important platforms in this field with e-commerce and electronic exports. We are one of the most important platforms in our region. 1 is expected to be done. Pioneer no NE no no no e-commerce model. Our logistics - infrastructure, employees, electronic exporter technology. There are more than 1.8 billion e-commerce channels around the world, and users are people, and personality faster in the midst of Pandemie Colona minister.  According to data about the provisions of the provisions published on June 2, Turkey exported the $ 1 billion Werus Corona epidemic of less than 40.9% YoY. Exports have increased 10.8% compared to the previous month, but limits the trendy imposed on industrial estates and inch doors. Car exports increased by 95.5%, and the export of alphabet ability increased by 45.5%, and the export of fiber and bearing systems increased by 35.5% and 33.9% respectively. Turkish exports are May and the United States Germany, and Iraq is three major countries than last month. The most important imported partner of Turkey is usually Chinese, German, and Russian.