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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Policy

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Policy

Expotil (“”) respects intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to honor the same. eWorldTrade takes a serious stance in dealing with intellectual property infringement claims. It also relies on the cooperation of intellectual property rights owners. Intellectual Property Right (“IPR”) Protection Policy

1. Faces and Similarities

Any products that contain similarities, signature, name, image or other unequivocal aspects of any person are prohibited unless approved by the person whose information is being used.

2. Counterfeit Items and Replicas

2.1 Any item that is a non-licensed replica or a counterfeit, such as counterfeit designer watches, shoes, bags, and garments is strictly prohibited to be advertised on the site,

2.2 Items that contain names or logo of a company can only be sold by the original manufacturer. A product that did not originate and is not endorsed by the company is prohibited on the site.

2.3 A branded product may be sold if the seller has a permit; a certificate of authorization from the brand owner is necessary.

2.4 Any products that are not authorized, are replicas and counterfeits, will not be entertained on eWorldTrade. Such product posting will be subject to removal by If such posts are repeated, it will result in an immediate suspension of the membership of the account.

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Model: sclpt01
Lion Sculpture Manufactured in Turkey by Turkish SculptorSpecial Manufactured#lion #sculpture #lion #hotel #hotel #architect #boutique #household #art..
$896.00 - $996.00
Model: frp01
Special design fireplace #fireplace #design #sculpture #hotel #architect #architecture #decoration #mudoconcept #hotel #winter #design #productio..
$434.00 - $490.00
Model: CLR-2145
You can find the Clara Executive Team features below.Technical Details  100% MDF Material It is a corrosion resistant metal..
- $2,190.00
Model: CY-52
Detailed information about the Cypress Guest Chair is given below.Cypress Guest Chair FeaturesAluminum Armrests and Chrome U Leg High den..
- $274.00
Model: WK-021
You can see detailed information about the Wiki Office Table Set below.Technical Details 100% MDF Material. Table 200x90x75 ..
- $2,340.00
Model: WK-021
You can see detailed information about the Wiki Office Table Set below.Technical Details 100% MDF Material. Table 200x90x75 ..
- $2,340.00
Model: WK-021
You can see detailed information about the Wiki Office Table Set below.Technical Details 100% MDF Material. Table 200x90x75 ..
- $2,340.00
Model: MB-01
You can see the Mamba executive table set, technical details and material information belowMell Executive Desk Set FeaturesIt is compl..
- $1,832.00
Model: BLH-836
Baldrin Manager Chair FeaturesPremium antibacterial leather. Natural wood arm and leg Doble mechanism There are different colour opt..
- $295.00
Model: PS-01
Piskai Manager Chair FeaturesDouble Mechanism Wooden armrest and leg Neck support Premium anti-bacterial leather..
- $322.00
Model: sclp02
Ottoman soldier Janissary sculpture by Turkish sculptorWholesale prices from Turkiye IstanbulGreat outdoor human sculpture..
$1,320.00 - $1,450.00
Brand: Canon Model: Freshapple01
Wholesale fresh apple from manufacturer in Kayseri TurkiyeBoth boxed and containerFresh fruit wholesaleFOBCIFFresh apple supplier in TurkiyeDelicious ..
$0.70 - $1.30
Model: eag02
Eagle Sculpture by Sculptor From TurkiyeGreat art  ..
$3,780.00 - $4,230.00
Model: st02
Deer sculpture Wholesale byTurkish SculptorFor a great decoration idean silver color real Deer Sculpture..
$1,210.00 - $1,450.00
Model: artstatue04
Big Column Statue for hotels , gardens and other buildings decoration..
$14,240.00 - $17,400.00
Model: artstatue03
small sculpture column for sale from TurkiyeArt works for all over the world#art #art #bust #architect #gift #beauty #decoration #desing #design #deco..
$284.00 - $349.00
Model: artstatue02
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Ancient Greek themed beach we designedSpecial offersMore than 30 years experience in Statue Ar..
$3,280.00 - $4,084.00
Brand: Telervit Model: Telervit C
TeLeRvit Vitamin C+ 20 Effervescent tablets 20 effervescent tablets containing Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin D 25mcg (1000 IU), Zinc 15mgC vitamin ..
$3.20 - $4.50
Brand: Rub Medical Model: robntrl02
Wholesale Nitrile Gloves Ready StockDolphin and Wishgloves Nitrile Gloves wholesale ready 250.000 box stockMore Than 100.000 Readu Stock in Eu..
$0.12 - $0.14
Brand: Rub Medical Model: Prtrub02
Face maskAntiseptic JelDisinfectant ..
$1.40 - $1.80
Brand: Rub Medical Model: bluemskrub02
Wholesale Ultrasonic Surgical Mask Blue 3 Ply 50pcs from Factory..
$2.10 - $2.80
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